My dear Fellow Kiwanians,

As we come close to the end of this year, those who are fortunate will soon be celebrating the holidays, the Christmas and New Year with delicious cakes, festive, traditional meals, lot simpler perhaps, but joyful and hopeful just the same. As in years past this is a joyful season during which families and friends give thanks for yet another year about to end and say a wish and a prayer for the coming year.

But this year has not been the same as previous years. 2020 will be remembered more for the misery brought on millions around the world, lives disrupted, businesses lost, sadness from the daily count of infections, ICU admissions and death. Positive became a bad word.

Kiwanis itself has also been affected by the pandemic. Planned service programs were cancelled including most of the happy installation dinners of our clubs that happen at this time of year. Meetings became difficult and we had to meet through Zoom through much of this year. It is as if the wind was knocked out from our lungs.

My dear Kiwanians, my message to you is to remain steady in the reason why we joined, that is to serve our communities, especially our children. Those less fortunate need Kiwanis now more than ever. I know you have all worked so hard and given so much to help others during this year. This is Kiwanis at its very best.

Thank you for your service. Let us hope that in the new year, we will again come together as Kiwanians and be able to more effectively serve in our communities.

Until then, stay safe and united in Kiwanis. Wishing all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tony Goh

District Governor