Public Relations & Media Workshop

On 1 March 2020, a Public Relations & Media Workshop entitled “Handling Media & Drafting Press Releases” was held at the KDSF National Centre. About 20 Kiwanians from various clubs in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor attended. These Kiwanians were invited mainly because they are in-charged of Publicity in their respective clubs.

District PR Chair, Katherine Chew kept her audience riveted to their seats as she shared her vast experience in this field. This workshop organised by District Branding Chair, Chan Kin Hou, also gave participants some valuable tips on how to select your media and how to shoot photographs that make a better impact on the story.

Within Kiwanis Malaysia, Kiwanians all over the country conduct many service projects in each of our communities. We need the support of the public and private entities to achieve greater successes. In order to receive such support, we must first be able to effectively showcase our service projects and make appeals. With proper management of our public relations, better awareness and visibility of our projects can be achieved.

At the end of the PR & Media Workshop, Governor Laurence Lim, took over the floor and spoke about “Fundraising from the Corporate” and gave some tips on what we can do to raise more funds.

Many thanks to Katherine, Dr. Laurence and all participants for supporting this workshop and we look forward to the next one soo

 Katherine Chew (Left), Governor Dr Laurance Lim (Middle) and Organizing Chair Chan Kin Hou (Right)