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See you on Saturday, 25 April 2020 at 10am.

What's Planned For This Conference

“Res Non Verba”! We need to take action. We need to set our course through the great challenges we are facing. We dare to lead by being the first district to have a mid-term meeting using a teleconferencing platform. Tough times never last but tough people do.

  • Governor’s Report and Mid-term Performance Review and goals for second half – by Dist Gov Laurence Lim and LGs
  • Treasurer’s Report – District Treasurer Tan Eng Too
  • Announcement of Governor’s 5 Star Club Winners
  • Keynote Address
  • Division Meetings – clubs in each division meets with their LG
  • Report on ASPAC Conference, Kathmandu March 2020, awarding of prizes
  • Launch of Kiwanis 4.0
  • Kiwanis Academy – an introduction
  • Key Leader Camp – Malaysia and ASPAC
  • Kiwanis Children’s Fund
  • Proposed amendments to By-Laws
  • Announcements about new dates for MBO and other events
  • Announcements about Pres, Sec, Treasurer Training and District Convention
  • Call to Action! Gov. Laurence

Message from Kiwanis International Trustee and Kiwanis Malaysia District Counselor

George Chu-Ching Chian

2016-2020 Kiwanis International Trustee

Dear Kiwanis Family and friends,

My name is George Chu-Ching Chian from Taiwan district, and this year I have this opportunity to serve as your District of board of counselor. The year of 2019-20 is already more than half gone and I am sorry that I don’t see myself functioning well to serve you. There were many unexpected incidents and circumstances happened and are still happening which are out of our control. Yet we are still strong as we stay and work together as Kiwanis.

It is a challenging year for us in membership retention and recruiting, and especially in performing our favorite work— service projects. However this is the crucial time that the children and the society that need us the most, and the best time for them to understand the real value in our Kiwanis work.

During this difficult time, do not lose faith, do the best we can, stay connected with members, family and people that need us. Stay connected with Governor Lim, me and KI, let us know how we can be your help. In our recent board meeting we made this decision in canceling the international convention this year for the safety of our members. We are also discussing about waving the new members due when they join an existing club to help in new member recruitment, but more details will be coming shortly. Please stay tune for more update.
International convention has been cancelled, and so did KIEF convention. In 2019-20 the only major international Kiwanis event was held successfully was our ASPAC in Nepal. We might not see each soon, but we know we will have more stories to share with each other, more fun with each other’s accompany and bring more new members to join our ASPAC convention in Sendai Japan and International Convention in Salt Lake City in USA next year.

Stay calm and stay safe as we are all in this together and we will make it.

At last but not least, thank you again for being a Kiwanians, especially at this time in our human beings history.

We will see each other soon!

In Kiwanis service,

George Chu-Ching Chian
2016-2020 Kiwanis International Trustee