Kiwanis Club of Kuantan 2020 Members Hi-Tea

Every year Kiwanis Club of Kuantan will host an event for all the club members, parents and children of the Kiwanis Special Children Center.

This year the event was held at Megaview Hotel Kuantan by the riverbanks of the flowing Sungai Kuantan right in the city center of Kuantan City in the State of Pahang.

This event would be an opportunity to showcase the talents of the special children and also allow the opportunity for the parents and members to mingle and to get to know each other better.

We had a Q & A session on Kiwanis and also communicated with the parents on the upcoming Café Project, on empowering the children.

This year the children created a few performances starting with the opening act of Chicken Dance, Chan Mali Chan, Senorita, The Global Handwashing Dance and the finale of We are the World.

The parents were thrilled to see the children’s progress and the abilities to be able to dance to the music, this is made possible with the many dedicated hours the teachers of the center have spent with the children.

The children themselves had a great time dancing and also enjoying the high tea with each other, they were toasting to each other on guava juice, lots of smiles and laughter all around.

We also had the privilege of inviting two guest speakers from Alpro Pharmacy, dietician Ms Wong Ee Siew and Pharmacist Lim Pei Ling to present an educational session on the current Covid 9, Influenza A  as well as teach the children and adults in the room on proper Hand Hygiene. The session ended with a fun and educational video from UNICEF called Do the Global Handwashing Dance.

We had a healthy parting door gift of apples donated by Kiwanian Ann Juee Kee and the handiworks of the children a translucent butterfly soap.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of organising parties to this event Kiwanian Tham Fai Oi and Kiwanian Ann Juee Kee under the good stewardship of Club President Kiwanian Dr Yu Siew Hong and the generous donation from Governor Dr Laurence Lim.

Well done Kiwanis Club of Kuantan in Serving the Children of the World.

With much Love and Respect

– Sandra Tatiana Choy, Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor Division 3