Kiwanis Club Of Gopeng Perak – National Blood Donation 2022 / 2023 ~ 18th – 19th March, 2023

A Big Thank You to Universiti Malaya for the opportunity to collaborate in this project.

Do you know that for every two seconds that pass, someone needs blood? And so, we really need your help for this upcoming blood donation event!

Event Details
Title: National Blood Donation 22/23
Objective: To create awareness and reduce the shortage of blood supply in hospitals
Location: Ipoh Parade, 2nd corridor, 2nd floor
Date: 18th – 19th March 2023 (11:00am – 4:00pm)

For more info, check out NBD social media page at the link below:

What are you waiting for?? Join us now to be a Blood Superhero!
#AGestureOfLove #ipohparade #kiwanisclubofgopeng
Kiwanis Club Of Gopeng Perak