Sign Your Club Up For Kiwanis 4.0 Now!

Want to get your club on board with Kiwanis 4.0? The process is simple. Have your club President or Secretary sign up using the form below. Once your application has been received, we will contact you regarding the documentation required from your club and your application will be processed. The processing time is usually between 2 – 4 weeks and terms and conditions will apply.


Kiwanis 4.0 is an initiative by Kiwanis Malaysia to bring Kiwanis to the digital age and empower Clubs and members to crowdfund and crowdsource resources to further better children’s’ lives.

Crowdfunding Donations

Kiwanis 4.0 enables any club to crowdfund and collect donations online via credit cards, debit cards, FPX (bank transfers) and even mobile wallets.

Run donation campaigns and receive funds instantaneously straight to your club’s bank account!

Your club can crowdfund via email, social media, mobile chat and your club website.

Crowdfunding Resources

The Kiwanis 4.0 mobile app (coming soon) will allow your members to crowdsource resources from Kiwanis members throughout the country.

Connect, communicate and tap on the resources of the entire Kiwanis network.

What Kiwanis 4.0 Gives You

Payment Gateway

  • Access to the Kiwanis Malaysia payment gateway
  • Payments directly to your club’s bank account
  • Statements of transactions
  • Ability to collect membership dues online
  • Ability to collect donations online

Harness The Internet

  • Run donation campaigns online
  • Via payment links and payment buttons
  • Use Email, Social Media and Chat apps
  • Source for donations anywhere on the internet

Online Collaboration

  • Exclusive mobile app for members (Coming Soon)
  • Connect to the entire Kiwanis network
  • Plan, organize and collaborate online
  • Stay in touch with Kiwanis news and events
  • Enjoy membership benefits


  • Have your own online store (Coming Soon)
  • Sell merchandise online for fundraising

Club Website

  • Get your very own Club website
  • Promote your activities and events
  • Collect registrations for events
  • Get support and training
  • Feed all your activities into one place

Official Kiwanis Email

  • Get a official email address
  • Powered by Google
  • Access to the full G Suite and Google Apps
  • 30GB email storage

  • Access to the exclusive Kiwanis URL shortner
  • Create links for your cause, eg.

Support and Training

  • Get access to support for Kiwanis 4.0
  • Access to scheduled training sessions
  • Access to support documentation

Have Questions

Contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding Kiwanis 4.0