KIWANIS 4.0 Frequently Asked Questions

About Kiwanis 4.0

Kiwanis 4.0 is a digitalisation initiative by Kiwanis Malaysia to use technology and the internet to make clubs more effective in charity activities and crowdfunding.
Any Kiwanis Malaysia Club that is in good standing. 
Kiwanis 4.0 is being rolled out in stages. In the first stage, you will be able to:
  • have your own website to create awareness of your club and its activities
  • attract new members and volunteers
  • perform fundraising electronically with a payment portal
In the first stage:
  • your own website
  • email and Google Apps
  • payment gateway functionality
Please see the Kiwanis 4.0 service agreement for full details.


The cost is a one-time fee of RM 1500.00.*

How To Sign Up For Kiwanis 4.0?

To sign up for Kiwanis 4.0, you will need to follow the process below:
  1. Obtain a board resolution to sign up for Kiwanis 4.0
  2. Download and return the following forms:-
    1. Sub-Merchant Form
    2. Kiwanis 4.0 Service Agreement
  3. Send us a copy of your latest bank statement (1st page only, Header portion only. See sample here)

Yes. Please obtain a board resolution to sign up for Kiwanis 4.0

A copy of the 1st page of your bank statement is required. Only the top portion (header) is required. See a sample here.

Completed forms, board resolution and bank statement can be mailed by post to Kiwanis Malaysia’s District office or a scanned copies can be emailed to us at /


A website is required for the payment gateway to work. You will be able to host the donation buttons and donation drives on your website.
Yes. Each club will be given 2 logins to log into the website to manage their websites.
Yes, we will assist you with updating your website.
Yes. Training will be provided.
You will be able to update the website in Malay, Chinese and English.
Yes. It will have a SSL connection.
The name of your website is on a first-come-first-served basis and will follow the following format:
Yes. Initially at the beginning, you will provide us with the content for your website and we will upload it for you so that you can immediately start using your website.

Social Media

No, but it is preferable so you can use social media to promote your club, its activities and donation drives.

Email & Google Apps

Each Club will be issued 2 email addresses for the Kiwanis domain. eg.
The email is powered by Google Apps with a 30GB capacity

Donations & Payment Gateway

The will be able to donate in the following methods:
  1. Via your website or a donation drive page on your website (example,
  2. Via a donation URL eg. (can be sent via email, SMS, WhatsApp and other chat applications
  3. Via a QR Code
  • Credit Card/Debit Card (All card types)
  • Bank Transfer (FPX)
  • eWallets (Boost, GrabPay, Touch N’ Go)
  • Credit Card/Debit Card – dependent on the issuer of the card
  • FPX – RM30,000
  • eWallet – dependent on the eWallet
RM1 (note, FPX transaction fee is RM1)
Via the 2c2p Sub Merchant portal. Each club will be given two logins to the portal.
Directly to your club’s bank account
Credit/Debit Card, eWallets – 1.8% of the transaction (donation)
FPX – RM1 for each transaction
The payment gateway and the transacting banks
No. This is covered by the application fee.
Credit/Debit Card, eWallets – usually within 24 hours
FPX – based on the FPX system (usually within 24 hours)
Credit/Debit Card, eWallets – Yes
FPX – the receipt is issued by the donor’s bank
Yes, this is viewable in the sub-merchant portal

Yes. However, refund fees maybe applicable. Kiwanis Malaysia suggest that you set a policy for no refunds on donations. To prevent refund fees, a refund can be perform outside the 2c2p system (eg.  check, ATM bank in or bank transfer)

By default, your payment gateway is attached to your service account.
If you would like to use the payment gateway, you need to contact KM to request for additional bank accounts to be attached to the payment gateway.
You will be able to get statements, daily, monthly yearly settlement reports via the payment portal.
Yes. Training will be provided.

Support & Training

Yes. We will be providing training to all Clubs that sign up for Kiwanis 4.0.
  • We plan to conduct classroom based training once per quarter to clubs.
  • We will also provide training via video conferencing and tutorial videos.
Training will be provided for
  • updating the website
  • usage of the 2c2p payment portal
  • techincal support related to Kiwanis 4.0
  • payment issue support
  • website update support
  • Via our support channel on our website
  • Via telephone
  • Via email

Still Have Questions?

Email us at and we will be glad to answer your questions.



* The contents of this page is subject to change with out notice.