Dear Fellow Kiwanians

We are now officially in December – Christmas is around the corner. I am sure clubs are now preparing charity or community service to give cheers to homes and those less privileged – organizing gatherings and buying presents to friends and family members to celebrate the festivity. There is so much to celebrate after being couped up at home for months due to COVID19.

As for me, just three months into the new term – I have been attending club meetings and installations, giving my support to the Presidents and its members. I believe in fellowship and the bonding will help keep Kiwanis strong and united. In the coming months, I will be traveling more, and I do look forward to meeting you soon.

While we are doing good, please be reminded to adhere to SOP (keeping a distance and sanitize) to keep ourselves safe and protected. I wish everyone good health and stay safe always!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!! Warmest wishes

Serena Quek
Kiwanis Malaysia 2021-2022