Dear Fellow Kiwanians

Greetings of love and Peace!

I am truly humbled and honoured to be addressing you all here.
First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your trust and support. I am very grateful for your vote and overwhelmed as KM’s Governor 2021-2022. Thank you so much.

This year is nearly coming to an end, and there is no indication of Covid-19 subsiding. Despite the challenges faced by many Kiwanians in doing their services this year, many clubs and their members have in fact were champions in helping those in need. For this, please join me in giving them a big applause!

I am very aware that my term will continue to be challenging with Covid-19 still very much present. But you have my word that I will as your Governor pledge to visit all clubs, increase and retaining membership,support and be present at all your events and initiatives, help to raise funds and awareness, increase the brotherhood of Kiwanians and build closer ties amongst all members and clubs and create more exciting events under the KM umbrella.

Like every Governor, a theme is important for us to stay focused on our path to being a great team. This term, I like to have a simple theme that is fun and cheerful while serving the community.

I hope you will all remember – CHEERS! Simply means C for Connect, H for Happy, 2 Es for Engage and Encouragement, R for Respect and S for Support. I believe all these ingredients will make us stronger, united and most importantly, a great team.