I am truly grateful for this opportunity and honour to serve and lead
Kiwanis Malaysia for this coming year. As I recount the works of the
leaders that came before me, I am reminded that we stand on the
shoulders of our past Governors and leaders that have served with
their hearts and soul.

When I looked back to the past two and a half years…I am amazed by the courage and tenacity of our Kiwanis members whom despite the
uncertainties and danger of the pandemic, went out to help answer the
needs of the communities. With the cries of the families flying their
“white flags” in July 2021, I was in awe of the collaboration and
resources that came together with our members throughout Malaysia to
answer these calls for help. Thank you to ECM Libra Foundation for
trusting us, and to 4X4 Relief Malaysia and MyEO Impact for lending us
your helping hands too. This was a significant experience that I
witnesses where “together we achieve more”.

The challenges of the pandemic has motivated us, the incoming board
and leaders Kiwanis Malaysia and all the club leaders, to endeavour to
continue to strengthen and reboot this amazing organisation, by
ushering in new energy, ideas and processes to improving the lives of
children, one family and one community at a time.

We (KM board 2022-23)  came together at the Leaf at Tanah Rimba in May to plan forward on how we will take Kiwanis Malaysia to the next level and collectively commit to serve with Love and courage, walk in unity, uphold Integrity and accountability, be creative in our service, and

be relevant!

We need YOU to coming along side US to be a FORCE for GOOD to live out the golden rule: to make a difference, to bring hope, love and harmony for Malaysia.
God bless us all!
Rosemary Tan
Kiwanis Malaysia Governor  2022-2023