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Innovation in Special Education Needs (SEN)

10 Nov 2022 @ 9am


The idea of establishing the Kiwanis Malaysia Academy was mooted during the inaugural PEAK Summit on 16 – 17 August 2019 where 29 participants from the Kiwanis clubs & centres attended

Following this, Kiwanis Malaysia proposed the motion to the House of Delegates to establish the Kiwanis Malaysia Academy during the District Convention on 7 September 2019 and the motion was unanimously approved.
The KMA academy was immediately established and the first committee meeting was held on 23 September 2019 in KM office.

L to R: Datin Hanin, Pn Rogayah, PG Ivan Oh, PG Dato’ Fatimah Saad, Fatimah Abu Bakar (FAB), Professor Abtar & PG YT Soo.

Following the meeting, the following have been agreed on:

That children will be given better opportunity to realise their dreams as a result of better special needs education, youth development & life-long learning

That Kiwanis Malaysia Academy will be the enabler in special needs education and youth development – so that key stakeholders will be empowered to provide the best for the children they serve

The Academy will have 3 Core Imperatives ie:

The roles of the Academy are as follows:

  1. We collate all knowledge and standardize for enhancement
  2. Keep abreast with government policies & regulations and disseminate and assist centres/clubs to comply
  3. Thought leadership and best practices
  4. R&D & knowledge sharing
  5. Guide, provide support & training for Centres/Clubs
  6. Collaborate; not duplication
  7. We DO NOT police or enforce

An overview of the Academy objectives is as follows:

The Academy is still at its infancy stage and will continue to evolve. We expect to continuously improve our programs and objectives to better serve the Kiwanis clubs, members and communities.

We welcome your feedback and enquiry. Please drop us a note at