2018-2019 Distinguished District – Malaysia

A message from Bryce Kinder to the Kiwanis Malaysia District

When 2018-19 Kiwanis International President Florencio “Poly” Lat started laying the groundwork for his presidency, he firmly believed in recognizing hard work and achievements. Poly wanted a name for his special recognition, thus creating the Kiwanis International Distinguished Service – KIDS Awards.

As you may recall the achievement qualifications for 2018-19 Distinguished District Recognition included both of the following:

  • Achieve the goal for new Kiwanis club openings established by you and Poly during the Governors-Elect Training Conference in November 2017.
  • Finish the 2018-19 year with a net increase in membership.

Poly insisted on continuity to ensure a firm foundation for Kiwanis and its leaders, to provide seamless support to the children and communities we serve. Poly loved to celebrate, and because of your dedication, the Malaysia District has been recognized as distinguished for the 2018-19 year.

As a distinguished district you will receive the following award items: pins for both Distinguished District Governor and Distinguished District Secretary; and a certificate of commendation. You will also receive a very special gift designed by Poly himself at the start of his term. 

While the cancellation of the 2020 Kiwanis Convention requires us to alter the way in which we traditionally present these awards, please know that we are working with leadership to develop a creative way to virtually recognize your district for its outstanding achievement. We will communicate these plans to you as details are finalized.

It was important to Poly that he had a purpose in life. Let the KIDS awards be Poly’s legacy for leading others to provide opportunities for the children of the world.

Bryce Kinder

Member Services Manager
Kiwanis International