10th Anniversary of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated large parts of coastal Japan.The events of the day are very real to all  the ASPAC Kiwanis members as we remember hearing the news during the opening ceremony of ASPAC 2011 in Melaka  and then lived through the following days while all the Japanese Kiwanians scrambled to find flights home and contact their  loved ones. 

We all remember so well  that many of you were very worried about your children back in Japan. Thank God no one reported any losses. 

The same couldn’t be said about the 25,000 citizens who perished in the Tsunami.It is very unfortunate that we couldn’t be with our fellow Kiwanians in Japan for this Anniversary. I know it meant so much to the Kiwanis Club of Sendai who worked hard to make it a meaningful success.

Please extend our condolences to our fellow Kiwanis Brothers and Sisters in the Japan District. Our thoughts and  prayers will be with you today.

Governor Tony Goh,
Board of Trustees and all Malaysian Kiwanians.


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